Welcome to the Team Foui Website!

Thank you for being one of the first to visit our new website! We hope car buyers everywhere are able to use this website as a tool. We hope the information on this website can help you both before and after your vehicle purchase.

For a lot of dealerships and salespeople the winter season is considered the "slow season".  The trick is to power through, get creative and stay productive. There are still people out there that need help buying cars. In icy cities like Winnipeg, write offs are happening every day, older vehicles are dying on us, etc. That's where the automotive industry thrives. Especially for people who have the tools, knowledge, and expertise that people need to help them make their car buying decisions.

The Team tries to stay productive in the slower season and this year the goal was to have a fully functional website that gave our clients the low down on what we do, but also offered easy access to owner guides, service scheduling, inventory and feedback for us. Not to mention the contact information of every team member.

So whether you're on the market looking for a new vehicle or you've already purchased one. Use the tools we've added to this website to your advantage! We want to extend an invitation to anyone visiting us online to also visit us in store!

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