The FXR Outdoor/Team Foui: Honda Ridgeline Road Trip Experience

We've been wanting to try something different with our vehicles for a while now. When the opportunity presented itself to let our friends at FXR OUTDOOR take over our instagram account, we couldn't resist!

Ian and Josh took the keys to our 2017 Honda Ridgeline and hit the road!

Their journey started on the highway and they were Thunder Bay bound. The Canadian Shield is as scenic as it comes for us Winnipeggers and they spent days taking it all in.

A few months ago my friend and business partner, Ian Krahn, and myself decided to connect with one of our friends out in NW Ontario for a little bit of an outdoor and fishing adventure.

With the Steelhead trout run (spawn) set as our main target, we planned for a few days away from the hustle and set the sails.

As we were planning our trip, which was a solid 900km trek in each direction, with a decent amount of gear to pack and haul along, we realized that Ian’s new Honda civic, and my full sized truck, had some obvious faults in getting us to our destination effectively. In one hand we had the fuel sipper, very efficient on the petrol, extremely comfortable on the road and one of the best interactive dashboards, which features Apple CarPlay, but a bit limited in space. In the other hand, we had the V8, with more than enough room for the gear, but with the price of fuel in Ontario, 12 hours on the road could add up pretty quickly over a fast 3 day in-and-out style of fishing trip.
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Lucky for us, we were able to call up our good friend Dylan of Team Foui, and he had just the journey machine in mind for us to take for a walk and share our experience with.

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline, this one was the Black Edition, and boy was it ever a slam dunk. I had my reservations about them, thinking what many do, “It seems cool, but it’s still not a truck”, and that is exactly correct. It’s not a truck, so let’s just stop comparing it to one, there’s no need to be insecure ;). I mean c’mon, we let Ford call the Ranger a truck for years. I have an Element as the family adventure mobile, and if there’s anything that I now know about Honda, it is that they have quite the list of lovable tricks up their sleeve, and I couldn’t wait to see how they Swiss Armied up the Ridgeline.
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Think of this vehicle as something that is darn near flawless when it comes to drivability, the functions are endless, from lane-keep-assist to a smart cruise control that detects the vehicle in front of you to maintain a safe following distance and just when you’re looking to adjust something or make your experience a little bit better when you are inside or out, they already thought of it (like a freaking cool air blower on your butt). Think of this thing as a very fuel efficient SUV, with all of the traction and gearing options you need for any situation you may find. It has a box in the back with a real hardy liner, so if you’re an outdoors enthusiast like we are, you can easily and worry free toss your dirt bike or ATV in the back, load up a harvest during hunting season, bring home a load of gravel or haul that old mattress away to the dump for your mother-in-law. One of my favorite things would have to be the massive storage trunk located under the box of the truck. I could fit inside of it. The trunk is completely sealed with a tough lid and thick weather stripping, with a drain hole in the bottom allowing one to clean it quite easily or to drain the water if you were to fill it to the top with ice and pack it full of meat and soda pops for a tailgate party.
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We found ourselves wandering down old logging roads in the middle of nowhere. We scaled sandy hills and rolled over boulders. We landed on a beach along the crystal clear and breathtaking coast of Lake Superior and had not one issue driving over loose sand or endless runs over softball sized rock piles that just rolled around and were even quite difficult to walk on. We found it to be a great place of shelter from the rain and spent some time late one night just sitting back in the quiet and staring up at one of the best displays of the auroras that we have ever seen.

The final thought on the Ridgeline is that we were impressed by the quality of the components, the thoughtfulness of every feature, the space, the comfortability, the keen storage areas, the power of the engine when you need it, and the fuel efficiency when you’re cruising down the Trans Canada. For us, we would find it to be the best option around for those who like to get away from the city on the weekend, who want something more spacious than a car, and who crave the diversity that the box of a truck can offer.

Article/Photo Credit: Josh McFaddin/Ian Krahn (FXR Outdoor)