5 Weeks of Giveaways! (Week #3)

This weeks giveaway was a success! We had three lucky winners! Congrats to Esti, Blake and Will! Esti and Blake took home the cash prizes and Will was the winner of a Live Video Viewer draw taking home a Car Care and Tint package valued at $600!
Dylan was committed to showing his face in every live video draw, this time was a little tricky. Dylan and Melissa are having a blast in Vegas so the team packed into a 2017 Honda Ridgeline Touring and put Dylan on Facetime! It made for a unique experience with the gang and we had a blast hanging out with our friends in Facebook land!
Lucky Sharma

Lucky Sharma

We've been doing two different types of draws in each video. Starting by drawing the names of people who have liked the page and shared the post pinned to the top of our Facebook page. These people are entered for the cash prizes! The last draw in each video is a grand prize draw specifically for everyone who is able to log on with us live on Facebook. The prizes keep getting bigger! We have DRAW #4 next Monday and we can't speak on it too much right now, but the 5th and final draw will be much more substantial than the rest. For everyone who has entered, we're inviting you to join us live for your chance to win and we thank you for your continued support! Team Foui - Out!