Are you on a budget? Is the car you want just out of reach when it comes to the payments?

You're in luck!

Monthly advertising income is a great way to supplement your car payments. All you have to do is a slap a Team Foui logo on your new vehicle and you'll be paid to drive!


Book an appointment HERE and meet with the team to discuss which vehicle suits your lifestyle best.

We sell all makes and models available in the Dilawri Automotive Group. There's a long list of cars, trucks, SUVs and Minivans for you to test drive and we'll work hard to find you the best fit.

Once the vehicle is selected, we'll discuss advertising, payment options under the advertising program and you'll go over decal design options with one of the members of the team. If you own a small business and have a logo or you've already designed your decal, bring the file with you on a USB drive or email us a vector image.
Let us handle the rest!

We'll call our decal specialist and have the decals applied to the vehicle before you take possession of it. You'll be on the road, spending less and enjoying a quality vehicle in no time!