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Where is your dealership located?

Our "Home base" is Winnipeg Honda in the Waverley Automall at
900 - 1717 Waverley St. We have 7 dealerships that we're more than happy to meet you at! Visit our DEALERSHIPS page to find out more.

My vehicle is old. Will you still take it in on trade?
Yes! We will take any and all vehicles in on trade. James Le is a master in the preowned world. He'll presell your older vehicle and maximize your trade in value doing so.

Do you match the pricing of your competition?
We guarentee the best price and take pride in the fact that you're not just buying a vehicle from us. You're also buying quality service that can't be beat.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We finance new and preowned vehicles. All of our locations are accompanied by experienced finance managers that work hard to get every one of our customers approved.

Do your customers service at your dealerships?
They sure do! All of our dealerships have their own respected parts and service departments that specialize in the makes and models available at the dealership. Our Acura dealership was just refitted with high-end technology needed to service super cars like the Acura NSX! Really cool stuff!

Do you sell vehicles that are purchased at auction?
It's very, very, very rare to see a vehicle on our lot that was purchased at auction. Most (if not all) of our vehicles come in on trade from previous clients. We would prefer to sell locally owned vehicles. Especially vehicles that we sold brand new that were serviced at our dealerships!

Does your service department offer a shuttle service?
Yes! We also offer rental vehicles and courtesy vehicles in special scenarios. We always aim to make sure that servicing and repairing your vehicle affects your daily routine as little as possible.

Do you have the carproof for all of your preowned vehicles?
We actually find it kind of surprising that there are still dealerships out there that DON'T offer this to their customers. Transparency is huge. Carproof reports are shown to you for every preowned vehicle you consider buying with the team.

Do I get a better deal if I pay cash?
Team Foui wants you to have the freedom to pay how ever you want to pay. However, in todays world the old phrase "cash is kind" doesn't always apply! Financing can in some cases open the doors to better incentives for you. This is a question we'd like the chance to offer more detail on either in person or over the phone as incentives differ between year, make and model!

Visit our CONTACT page and give us a call or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with the team!

How long has the team been in business?

Dylan has been successful in the industry since 2004. The Team was started 3 years into his career and we've been growing our business and expanding ever since!

Dylan, do you ever plan on running your own dealership?

I've been asked this by almost everyone I know. It might be something that comes in the distant future, of course I've thought about it. For now it just makes sense to get up everyday and get back to selling cars. I don't want a key to the building. I'm content with where I am and the team is doing a stellar job.

How many cars do you sell in a month?

A great month for the team is the 100 car mark. Our best month to date is 117 cars. In 2016 we averaged 94 cars per month at 1130 cars for the year. The world record is held by Joe Girard and we're gunning for it.
How do you pronounce "Foui"?
This is a funny one. Usually we ask people to guess. It's pronounced Foo-ee!