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We've made our mark in the automotive industry by offering an approachable, friendly, relationship driven car buying experience.

We strive to empower car buyers and owners by providing useful information, advice and resources before and after the purchase so they can feel confident in their decision and enjoy their new vehicle as much as possible.


Shopping for a vehicle can be daunting. It's not something most people look forward to. However, when you're educated and you know your money is going towards a vehicle you love and a company you trust, buying a vehicle can be a great and memorable experience!

- Team Foui



Since 2004, Dylan Foui has surpassed all expectations in the Automotive sales world. Earlier on, his efforts and expertise had him reaching heights no one had ever seen in The Dilawri Automotive Group (or Canada for that matter) and it was clear that if his business kept growing at the rate it was, he would eventually need help.

That was when the team was born...


We don't just sell Honda!

We work with the entire Dilawri Group. That means we have the massive new and used inventory of 7 different dealerships for you to compare, test drive and buy. With a wide range to choose from, it allows us to do side by side comparisons and back to back test drives to save you time and really explore your options...


We want it to be easy for you to contact the team. On our contact page you'll find the contact information of every member of the team as well as the direct line to our "Home Base" Winnipeg Honda. If you can't reach one of us, anyone else on the Team is happy to accomodate!